First and foremost is to make sure everyone is OK. If necessary call 911. Otherwise be prepared to exchange insurance information with the other driver. Use your cell phone to take as many pictures as needed. If either vehicle is non-drivable, contact the non-emergency police telephone number and ask for an officer to come to the scene.

Many insurance companies have what are referred to as “DRP” shops that they have a relationship with. The body shop gives discounts and other concessions in exchange for the insurance company “directing” work to them. COAB does not work for any insurance company. We work with them. We work for our customer in order to provide the best possible experience without cutting corners..

That depends on the coverage. There are three types of repair parts. New OEM, Aftermarket CAPA and LKQ. New OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is the actual factory part. CAPA is a certified aftermarket part designed to fit your car and “certified” to be OEM quality. Lastly is LKQ. This stands for “Like Kind and Quality” which is a nice way of saying this is a “used” part. The irony is that this is an OEM part just used. The insurance policy that is assuming liability is the one to determine which part is used for the repairs.

Obviously, if the injuries are serious, call 911. Should you be ambulatory, seek attention at your nearest urgent care facility or emergency room. Notify the attending physician that your injuries are accident related. Be aware that YOUR insurance company will be the one administering the payments and treatment. If another party is at fault then your insurance company will subrogate for the charges. This is called PIP and is for your protection. Make absolutely certain to notify your insurance carrier immediately concerning injuries.

This is the amount of “value” that a newer vehicle “loses” when involved in a collision. The premise is that a non-accident vehicle has a higher value due to not being in an accident. You are entitled to ask for diminished value from your insurance company or from the third party carrier. There is a basic formula called a 17C rule and we can provide that for you free of charge.

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